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How do I get started?
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How long does it take to start my investigation?
Once the terms, conditions, and scope of the investigation have been established, many investigations start very quickly. Some cases, depending on the requirements of the job and scope of the investigation, may require more preparation.

How can I feel confident that an investigator is actually out on surveillance?
Integrity is one of the core principles of High Plains Investigations. We will strive to establish your trust in us prior to any work being conducted. Investigators out on surveillance take “time shots” throughout their surveillance to show time and area of their surveillance. In some circumstances, GPS tracking is used to document positions and movements of investigators.

Is evidence you gather on surveillance (or any other way) admissible in court?
Yes. If we see something, we are considered as witnesses, and we can testify in court if necessary. Of course your legal counsel will decide the best course of action.

If I am falsely accused of something, will I look guilty if I hire a private investigator to clear myself?
Just as it is your right to have an attorney, you have a right to hire a private investigator. So be sure to secure legal counsel, but remember that investigators working for attorneys are sometimes limited in the amount of time available to help your case. And remember that if the police consider you a suspect, they are not going to try to help prove your innocence. In many cases, hiring a private investigator who is working for you is the best way to go.

How long will it take to complete my investigation?
This will vary depending on the case. It begins with understanding your needs. We carefully examine the information you provide and develop a plan of action that meets your needs. The length of time it takes to complete an investigation depends on several factors such as the scope and type of investigation.

Do you use any illegal methods in the course of my investigation?
No. Absolutely not. We are licensed and bonded, and everything we do is well within the law.

How will I know how my investigation is going?
You will have a single point of contact with one of our investigators who will be familiar with every aspect of your case and who will provide you with status updates during the course of the investigation.

More questions?
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